UBL Digital

 UBL Digital

UBL Digital

UBL Digital App brings the instigative features of Digital banking on smartphones. UBL Digital enhances the fiscal liberty of our guests and enables them to manage their digital life anytime, anywhere while on the go. 

 Finances Transfer & Payments 

 Pay Utility, Broadband & Mobile Bills 

. Buy Repaid Validations & Top-ups 

 Pay to Online Shopping Companies 

 Shoot & Admit Finances via QR Code 

 Transfer within own Accounts 

 Transfer Finances to UBL Accounts, 1 Link member Banks and UBL Omni Accounts 

. Top-up Intellect Cards 

 QR Code Payments 

 Reduction & Offers 

 Search & Navigate to the near deals and abatements offered by UBL

 Detect near ATMs/ Branches 

 Find the near UBL ATMs and Branches 

 Introductory features 

Login through secure Point ID 

 Manage Multiple Accounts 

 Experience Account Statement with graphical illustration 

 Order new Disbenefit Cards 

Beneficiary Management 

 Payee Management, with sale history for each payee 

. Manage your Disbenefit card (s) without going to a branch 

 Manage your Cheque (s) from within the app 


 Leave a communication and one of our client care representatives will get back to you 

 Follow us-@ubldigital all channels! 





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