Tasdeeq Pakistan

Tasdeeq Pakistan

Tasdeeq Pakistan

Tasdeeq is a Police controlled drive-by concerned residents of Pakistan to assist with getting our families and networks.  Education and Advocacy run after the monetary elevate and destitution mitigation of the focused and fair Domestic laborer and Blue Collar work.

Innovation would be utilized to help distinguish and enlist Domestic specialists and Blue Collar work, and assist them with breaking the endless loop of neediness.

How did the possibility of Tasdeeq happen?

-The expanding frequency of wrongdoing including Domestic workers/specialists and Blue Collar work

-The endless loop of destitution which these Domestic workers/laborers and their families live in, and expanding monetary divergence which is driving masses towards crimes.

-The commonness of the "Island Mentality" of the Middle and Upper-working class, and the disappointment of the general public to give a social security net to the laborers.

A few Facts:

The crime percentage in Pakistan as detailed by the National Police Bureau, Ministry of Interior, has been expanding at a pace of 12.2% from the 2012 - 2018 announced period.

With the expanding joblessness and decaying financial circumstances, crime percentage is relied upon to develop dramatically.

Research studies from the absolute most all around regarded colleges everywhere, for example, Harvard University and multilateral organizations, IMF and World Bank, give weight-age to the point that when neediness

Miniature Insurance:

As a family proprietor, or a little medium estimated entrepreneur, we consistently have helped our Domestic workers/laborers and Blue Collar work meet there, or their family's crisis clinical costs.

-This could amount to countless rupees consistently.

-Inability to help our Domestic workers/laborers at their season of crisis could result in them, or their whole families, being driven into wretched neediness which might bring about them actually being driven onto the streets.

-Crisis clinical costs on the off chance that not met could likewise drive these very specialists into enjoying crimes, like robbery, or in any event, abducting.

Tasdeeq Pakistan has joined forces with EFU Life Insurance to give family proprietors and little medium measured entrepreneurs a chance to purchase medical coverage for their laborers for as little as Rs. 50 every month. You might actually purchase this protection for your homegrown workers/laborers, and their families also.

This is the most effective way to utilize your zakat and assist with meeting your laborers with their crisis clinical costs.

Future Poverty Alleviation Projects:

-Instruction is reserved for the offspring of your laborers.

-Miniature money amazing opens doors for your laborers.

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