QIWI Wallet

QIWI Wallet

QIWI Wallet

 QIWI Wallet is a simple way to transfer plutocrat, admit payments and pay for 75 000 services around the world. 

Why do millions of people trust our payment service? 

 Pay for anything you want 

 Entertainment Brume, World of Tanks, Warfare & other games, digital content, online shopping, cinema, reserving, and further. 

 Fast Plutocrat transfers between holdalls, to bank accounts and cards, to Yandex.Money & Webmoney, via plutocrat transfer service CONTACT. 

 Regular checks Mosenergosbyt, collaborative services, Gazprom, Tricolor & marketable Television, Rostelecom & landline phone, and other megacity services. 

 Social services business forfeitures, parking, academy mess & redundant education, levies, Troika card top over. 

 Loans Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, Home Credit, VTB, and other Russian banks service with no ranges. 

 Simplifying. QIWI 

 • Only the phone number is needed for enrollment. 

 • Top up the portmanteau balance with no figure with a bank card, via online banking, in ATMs, by cash in QIWI Outstations, and further. You may also eclipse up the portmanteau with a lower figure using your phone balance. 

• Pay for everyday services with minimum figure using your phone balance. We give special offers for Beeline, MegaFon & Tele2 guests. 

 • Save templates of your payments and plutocrat transfers. 

 • Nearest QIWI Outstations and another top-over point on the chart. 


 • QIWI Visa Plastic card for offline payments in shops and cafés from the portmanteau balance. 

 • Your portmanteau on smartphones and tablets. 

• NFC technology pay in shops and cafés from the portmanteau balance using your smartphone. 

 • Login in outstations via QR- law. 


 Several features may be unapproachable in some countries. 

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