ePay Punjab

ePay Punjab

ePay Punjab

What is e-Pay Punjab?

ePay geographical region is that the terribly 1st advanced somebody for Public to Government (P2G) and Business to Government (B2G) installments in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Utilizing ePay geographical region, levy are often paid through the related to four installment channels.

• moveable Banking

• internet Banking


• over-the-counter (Over the Counter) banking exchange

The arrangement is formed by The geographical region IT Board (PITB) beneath the directions and direction of The Finance Department of geographical region. At the backend it's coordinated with banking concern of {Pakistan | Pakistan| Islamic Republic of Islamic Republic of Pakistan |West Pakistan| Asian country| Asian nation} (SBP) and 1-interface for interconnectivity across the complete financial organization in Pakistan.

Installment method and Channels

To pay the assessment levy, a singular can get to e-Pay geographical region application or website to supply a 17-digit PSID variety. The PSID variety that's exceptional for each exchange may consequently be utilised on the antecedently mentioned four installment channels for instance moveable Banking, net Banking, ATM or over-the-counter by the residents to pay the expense contribution.

As of now, following duty receipts are often paid by means that of e-Pay Punjab:

Extract and Taxation

• Token Tax for Vehicle

• Engine Vehicle Registration

• Vehicle Transfer

• native charge

• skilful Tax

• Cotton expense

Leading body of Revenue (BOR)

• e Stamping

• Transformation charge

• Fard expense

Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA)

• Deals Tax on Services

• geographical region Infrastructural Development Cess


• Business Registration charge

Transport Department of geographical region

• Course allow

Punjab Police

• Traffic Challan

Engine Vehicle Registration:

One-time charge paid by the customer of recent vehicle at the hour of acquisition.

Vehicle Transfer:

Fee paid at the hour of move of car to a different businessman.

Local charge:

Annual expense paid by land house owners in metropolitan regions.

Proficient Tax:

Taxes paid by the functioning skilful on his job on a yearly premise.

Cotton Fee:

Fee paid on crude cotton dropped at ginning process plant.


Payment of stamp obligations on legal, non-legal, CVT, period and correlation expense.

Change Fee:

Fee paid by the customer at the hour of move of property to a different businessman.

Fard Fee:

Fee paid by the businessman of property for the issuing of property possession record.

Deals Tax on Services:

Taxes collected on help settled business within the space of geographical region

Punjab Infrastructural Development Cess:

Levy gathered on transportation of merchandise invented, created or consumed in, brought into or listed out of the geographical region.

Business Registration Fee:

Fee paid by the businessman to enlist his business.

Course Permit:

Fees paid by proprietors of business vehicles for portion/authorization of specific courses for entomb/intra town travel

Traffic Challan:

Traffic Challan is that the fine obtained regardless traffic rules.

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