Askari Mobile App

 Askari Mobile App

Askari Mobile App

Now you can apply online for consumer productsgo Cardless on ATM, find deals & abatementsuse QR for making payments and much further.

Download our new app now and‘ Go Digital’! 

 What’s New!!! 

 Enhanced Security 

Login to the app with your ID/ Word and get an access law for further security. You can also enable accessible biometric point that saves you from shoulder surfing. 

 Account Details 

 Check real time available balances of all linked accounts and view last 10 deals through mini statement option. 


 • Mileage bills (K-Electric, LESCO, FESCO, IESCO, PESCO, SSGC, SNGPL, GEPCO, HESCO, MEPCO, SEPCO, Askari Housing, PTCL, DHA, Bahria Town, Nayatel, Daewoo Bus, Nadra Esahulat) 

. • Seminaries (APS, Beacon House, Bahria School, Fauji Foundation, Cosmopolitan alphabet academy) 

.• University freights (LUMS) 

. • Government levies (FBR, SECP, GoP, Sindh Revenue Board) 

.•E-Commerce deals (KuickPay merchandisers) 

 • Investments (CDC – IPO) 

 • Business payments via B2B (HABALL) 

Online Tickets 

 Purchase machine and cinema tickets incontinently through our mobile app and avoid standing by long ques. 

 Credit Card Management 
 Disbenefit Card Operation 

 Diurnal Fund Transfer Limits 

 Manage Cheques & Cheque Books 

 Deals & Abatements 

Stay streamlined with all the deals and abatements in your megacity and mileage instigative offers just in many clicks. 

 Price Points 

 Earn price points by performing any of the following deals and redeem the points to mileage figure disclaimer on multiple banking product & services. 

• Mileage bill payments 

 • Mobile top-ups 

 • Interbank finances transfer (IBFT) 

 Apply Online for Consumer Products 

Simply fill in the details using our new app and our platoon will get in touch with you for farther process. 

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