AiCash - Easy Credit Personal Instant Loan

 AiCash - Easy Credit Personal Instant Loan

AiCash - Easy Credit Personal Instant Loan

AiCash is a Particular Fast Easy Online Loan app for Pakistan where druggies can apply for particular loans up to Rs anytime and anywhere. Guests are needed to fill out particular informationonly.The loan will be paid into the bank regard lower than 5 twinkles after the submission and blessing of the documents. 

 Loan information 

 Loan term 91-365 days. 

Loan quantum- 

. Loan interest rate per time10.95 

 Service figure Rs 0-500 

 For illustration, if the loan quantum is Rs with a term of 120 days, the loan subject and figure are as follows 

.1. Star Rs 

.2. Interest Rs *10.95/ 365 * 120 = Rs 360 

 3. Loan Term 120 days 

 Prepayment plan 

 Total Prepayment quantum = loan quantum * loan term * periodic interest rate/ 365 days loan quantum. 

 Total prepayment quantum = Rs * 120 *10.95/ 365 Rs = Rs 

. Yearly prepayment quantum = (loan quantum * loan term * periodic interest rate/ 365 days loan quantum)/ loan term * 30 

 Yearly payment = (Rs * 120 *10.95/ 365 Rs)/ 120 * 30 = Rs 

. Total Interest Payment = Loan Quantum * Loan Term * Annual Interest Rate/ 365 days. 

 How to use 

 2. Register an account with your mobile phone. 

 3. Fill out your particular information and submit. 

 4. Staying to be reviewed. 

5. The loan will be expended to your bank account incontinently. 

 Loan conditions 

 Age 21-52 times 

Pakistani citizen 

 Yearly income 

 Why choose AiCash? 

. Expend to Your Bank Card Directly lower than 5 twinkles  

.100 Online process with Minimum Attestation 

 . Cover the security and sequestration of guests. 

 Security and sequestration protection : 

 Your information is only used to corroborate your particular loan operation and contact when billing. We don't partake your information with third parties without your concurrence. 

 Communicate us anytime 

 Business hours 0900-1800 (Monday-Sunday) 

 Client Service Hotline 92-3105976666 

WhatsApp 92-3105976666 

 Address House 18, road 68, f8/ 3, Islamabad 

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