Top 5 PC Games 2022

Top 5 PC Games 2022

The World is a beautiful place and if you're like me, I love playing games on my Windows PC or Xbox One with an old television stuck in the basement. My personal recommendations are Grand Theft Auto IV (which is based on the original game) and Skyrim 3D for those that want some fun RPG action. These should be able to run well and keep their download size well below 90 MB.

In recent years, there's been a lot of PC gamers and they often get confused about which devices to play their favorite console titles on. From Nintendo Wii systems all the way through Apple's iOS, PC gaming is such an important part of life and there's no doubt it's still as popular as consoles. For PC gamers, one of the most essential components to enjoy console gameplay would be good graphics with great sound quality. If your only option with these devices has been to just watching YouTube videos on Twitch or Facebook Live, then hopefully this list will help you decide between PC and Console gaming.

1. [Best pc Games Last 5 Years] Fallout 76

Fallout 76

This is arguably the best PC game around but what really sets it apart from other similar offerings by EA is its sheer popularity. It's not even funny how far it's gone into a franchise and how many expansions it's received since its release. Bethesda's Fallout series has grown increasingly more intricate over time but the core game itself keeps things pretty simple and easy to understand. You have several different classes that each differ from the others which means you'll have different abilities which gives a lot of unique and interesting ways to combat enemies. It's very fast paced and provides plenty of replay value without being too overwhelming. In addition to all the above factors, it's also released 2 DLC packs which add new content regularly and give fans something to look forward to every year.

2. [Best Games Under 5 gb] Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V

I think that GTA's second entry in the series was very clever and the overall gameplay style is simple. Just drive off into the city of Los Santos looking for criminals, loot from the dockers, etc. There's lots of cool bits of information that you can find to help you out but what makes this a masterpiece is how many people have played it across various platforms. What's even more impressive about it is how much attention went into making sure the game looks perfect to play on top of the stunning visuals. Players needn't care about their performance. They just need to do the basics right and all of them work beautifully. All the previous entries in the series were successful because of this.

3. [Top 5 pc Games In The World] Minecraft


Minecraft is one of the newest entrants to the PC scene and it continues to grow. Its popularity is mainly due to its ability to create a variety of worlds but what truly sets it apart is the sheer amount of content creators who play it. Every day new mods will come at exactly the same time making this version of Minecraft better than ever. With hundreds and hundreds of mods for the platform, it's clear why so many people continue to make Minecraft their main focus. This makes sure that everything works together seamlessly and smoothly. On top of everything else, players get to enjoy the fact that it's free to download and use. That does mean that having a cheap computer is key but don't worry this isn't going to drain your bank account quickly.

4.[Best 5 Player Games pc] Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege

Everyone knows what Rainbow Six Siege is but before we get into talking about the actual story behind it, let's talk about the first installment. Back in 2013 you get a base campaign mission where you take down an entire team for the next 100 hours. At the beginning of each season you receive special gear and you learn different strategies that must be learned depending on the team you choose. After completing the full story mode, you unlock weapons and other items to help you win battles. Each season ends with a special world event which sees teams defeating the enemy team for the prize pool. Everything moves pretty steadily throughout the seasons and if you want to know more, check out the expansion packs. While there's plenty for everyone, many gamers will prefer to complete the full story mode as opposed to doing random missions which can be uninteresting. However, when everything works brilliantly and well combined you end up with a massive pile of cash while waiting for the third season to start. This is definitely worth checking out if you haven't already completed the game yet and you want to get started with Steam and Modern Warfare.

5. [Top 5 Free pc Games] Destiny 2

Destiny 2

If you've played any FPS or otherwise, Destiny 2 is easily the greatest open world video game player has played over the last decade. Even if you do play another video game or two, it's hard to see how anything else could possibly compare to Destiny 2. When it comes to characters, you can pick who you'd like to play against with different factions and subclasses. As for story, Destiny always feels mysterious and unpredictable at times and the twists and turns never seem to disappoint. Despite the difficulty to control every aspect of Destiny, what makes it what it is is the endless amount of content available with multiple modes, moldable skins, outfits and additional content. Some would say that the expansion packs have the best content to date but this is by design so no matter how long it takes to finish, you will achieve ultimate victory.

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